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Bloomé is a fashion brand inspired by women and womanhood. We have always admired strong, wise women – those who live in harmony with the rhythm of nature and its cycle. Spring brings us back to life and we see her as a woman – a wise herd leader, the keeper of secrets. Our designs draw from nature, and once you wear them, you will become a part of it. Delicate fabrics, feminine cuts, flowery patterns make our clothes the amulets of femininity, giving you strength and power. Just put them on and you’ll feel you can do whatever you want. Go back to nature that we all come from, dance barefoot on the grass, lose yourself to the music of the trees and learn to love yourself. Our clothes are the amulets that will lead you in the pursuit of your beauty, generously given to all of us by the most powerful woman of all – Mother Nature. We design for natural goddesses that all the women are.